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Interesting Nature

  • The Beauty of Insect Eggs:: From the latest issue of National Geographic shows a fascinating side of insect eggs, through a microscope. The details of these structures are simply amazing.
  • Ladybug:: Also from National Geographic, this profile of our aphid-fighting friend highlights some fascinating facts such as there are over 5,000 species worldwide.



  • Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven:: A recently installed art project as part of the Secret Garden Project which consists of a series of houses for birds. The houses are set on elastic bands that are designed to expand in girth as the tree grows.
  • Bird-Friendly Glass Designed With Help From Spiders:: From TreeHugger comes this interesting article about a new type of glass that was designed to be seen by birds, but not by humans. It uses the same technique that spiders use to prevent birds flying into their webs.
  • Encouraging Native Bees with Insect Walls:: This excellent article from Studio G compiles many examples of bee and insect nesting walls.


  • Pollination Canada:: Do you live in Canada? Check out this resource full of great pollinator information including profiles of dozens of different types of pollinators.
  • Bee Trees:: A great article from Local Ecologist which features many great trees for bees.
  • Garden for a Living London:: Whether you live in London or not, this page has some great resources from planting a mixed hedgerow to tips to ‘wild up your deck’.
  • Butterfly Gardening:: Just added this excellent resource from the Dallas County Lepidopterist’s Society website to the Regional Plant Lists at the top of this page under the ‘pages’ tab.
  • Planting a Native Hedgerow:: Check out this great resource from Mast Tree Network with tips and links to resources for designing and maintaining a hedgerow.
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  1. Glad you saw the “Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven.” I bookmarked it for a future Bird Watch post or tweet. What do you think about the installation in terms of habitat potential?

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