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  • Wildflower Colors Tell Butterflies How To Do Their Jobs:: This interesting article from TTKN News discusses the unique relationship between butterflies and their pollinator plants and how color factors in.
  • Guerilla Birdhouses Going Up Around Town:: From the Uptown Almanac in San Francisco is an observation of yellow birdhouses appearing randomly throughout the city.
  • A blur of blue:: From the Nature urbaine blog is a sighting of a beautiful Kingfisher in the heart of London.
  • Salamanders Go Deep:: From the Audubon Guides blog is an article that discusses where salamanders go during the winter months.
  • “10,000 by 2010” goal met in the 25th year of WDFW Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary program:: From the Woodland Park Zoo’s Backyard Habitat blog comes a detailed look into how the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife succeeded in their goal to certify 10,000 backyards as habitat by the year 2010.
  • Watching Our Researchers Like a Hawk:: The blog from the Library of Congress gives an inside look at the Coopers Hawk that was trapped inside the Library for a week. The hawk was since rescued safely from the library.
  • Edinburgh Wildlife:: Here’s an interesting group pool on Flickr that features the wildlife in Edinburgh.
  • Road Ecology: How Roads Impact Wildlife:: Another article about road ecology to relate to the previous blog post.
  • Live and let live:: From the Financial Times is an article about the idea of using buildings for wildlife habitat.
  • Befriending Mr. Chickadee: Winter Birding in Central Park, circa 1900:: From the blog Walking Off the Big Apple is a really interesting look at urban wildlife from the viewpoint of residents in 1900.
  • Urban Farming and Wildlife – A Perfect Match:: From the Urban Farm Hub is a great article discussing how it’s possible to have an urban farm and maintain a successful wildlife habitat at the same time. It’s very refreshing to read articles that defy the either/or approach.
  • T.O. bee:: If you’re in the Toronto area you may be interested in participating in this mason bee project.
  • Learning to live alongside coyotes:: An insightful article about coexisting with coyotes from the Riverdale Press.
  • Pigeons sniff their way home with right nostril:: This is a very interesting article about how pigeons successfully find their way home.
  • Moths-on-the-brain:: From the Marvelous in Nature blog, this post features some fascinating moths with some phenomenal photos.
  • Albany’s Urban Weasels:: From the New York Times is a very interesting look at the fisher populations in the eastern half of the country, how their numbers and behavior are different from the western half of the country and how that’s helping in their survival.
  • Banff wildlife could benefit from new crossings:: The recent ARC design competition has caused people to take a look at the Banff wildlife crossings, which are often used as a case study, to see how they could benefit from the ideas in the competition.


  • Urban Animals by Merrie Wright:: This interesting commentary on urban wildlife is featured on the blog, The Great God Pan is Dead.
  • Urban streams with green walls:: I stumbled on this very interesting article about modifying existing urban streams to be more wildlife friendly.
  • Design Picked for Wildlife Crossing:: The New York Times features the winner of the ARC Wildlife Crossing Competition which was announced this week.
  • Hives and Habitat on roofs – Not just hives!:: An article by Dusty Gedge on the Livingroofs website discusses how hives and green roofs go together and actually benefit one another.
  • Walk the wild side at urban greenway:: This article from the Charlotte Observer describes a new stretch of greenway that’s attracting wildlife and how it came to be transformed.
  • Delta Ponds refreshed:: This look by the Register Guard in Eugene, Oregon features the recent modification of the Delta Ponds to allow water to start flowing into them and describes how it’s changing the ponds.
  • Visualizing Habitat Roofs:: From the design firm TERRA.fluxus in Portland, a new pilot project focused on creating green roofs for habitat.


  • Built Structures:: A new resource list from The Metropolitan Field Guide, you can find resources for planning and building a variety of shelters for bats, birds, insects and more. You can also find it under the ‘Resources’ tab on the top of this blog.
  • Green Roofs and Biodiversity:: This new book is the result of a study looking at green roofs and invertebrates in an urban setting.
  • Attracting Native Pollinators:: A new book from the Xerces Society, this is sure to be a must-have resource. Pre-ordering before the end of the month will get you a discounted rate.
  • Encouraging Bats:: From the Bat Conservation Trust is a webpage with resources on how to garden and encourage bats.
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