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  • BiodiverCITY:: A community blog that features the nature in New York City.
  • Seattle Urban Wildlife Experiences:: Inspired by BiodiverCITY (above) the Seattle Urban Wildlife Group started a similar community blog about the urban wildlife of Seattle.
  • Maryland aims to curb wildlife carnage on roads:: This article from the Baltimore Sun describes a large project consisting of 10 wildlife crossings over an 18-mile stretch and how it’s already working for wildlife despite not yet being completed.
  • Wildlife on Bridges:: This is a Flickr set from Washington State DOT that features the variety of wildlife found on the bridges in Seattle.
  • Sunday Snapshots: Log Pile:: This post from the blog The Marvelous in Nature, shows the many wildlife species, including spiders, caterpillars, moths, beetles, snakes and more that made use of a log pile. It’s a really diverse set of photos.
  • Huge Housing Project Threatens Wildlife:: From Care2 news is a story about a proposal for 21,000 residential development on the site of riparian corridor. “The Santa Clara River in Los Angeles County is one of the few remaining healthy river habitats in the area, and the new massive construction project calls for filling in or lining with concrete almost 20 miles of streams that feed it.”
  • Lessons on environment as important as the three Rs, says Attenborough:: This article from the Guardian quotes Sir David Attenborough about the importance of teaching students about nature. “Climate change and habitat destruction are problems facing our generation and those of our children. In order to equip the next generation to face these problems, it is crucial that children grow up with an understanding and respect for our planet. Human beings depend on the natural world for everything. We are going to have to make increasing demands on people to care for the natural world.”
  • Stormwater Runoff Disrupts Urban Stream Life:: A story that illustrates just how connected water is and despite best efforts to restore urban streams, pollutants can still prevent the wildlife from inhabiting it.
  • Help the High Line Open Section 2:: This video by the High Line in New York City describes the next section to open.


  • Portland Ecoroof Guide:: Portland has long been a leader in stormwater management and their manual was used as a guide for many other cities. Now they have released their Ecoroof Guide which contains a great amount of information on the components, design and construction of ecoroofs. See Ecoroof Portland under Events.
  • Salmon Friendly Gardening:: This resource from the City of Seattle, contains a wealth of information about how to garden for Salmon. In addition to general practices, which are also beneficial for other wildlife,  is a nice plant list which describes the other wildlife benefits of the recommended plants.
  • Wildlife Habitats on School Grounds:: This website contains a list of resources for schoolyard habitats world-wide.


  • Ecoroof Portland:: March 18th will be the next Ecoroof Portland event. “Ecoroof Portland 2011 participants will learn how ecoroofs work, why they’re important, and what resources are available to help start their own projects. They can get information directly from ecoroof vendors including architects, consultants, contractors, landscape architects, manufacturers, nurseries, structural engineers, suppliers, researchers, and non-profit and community organizations. Activities will include workshops and project tours with an emphasis on both commercial and residential ecoroof development.”


  • The Secret life of…my small urban backyard:: The trailer of this short film looks fascinating as it features in magnificent detail, the variety of species in a single backyard.
  • ‘Wild’ Permaculture Forest Gardening (below) is a very nice video of a wildlife garden in the U.K., narrated by Alan Titchmarsh.

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