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  • Bee Basics – An Introduction to Our Native Bees (PDF):: This new downloadable book from the Pollinator Partnership and USDA Forest Service is a wealth of information about native bees with beautiful and detailed illustrations.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians in Your Backyard (PDF):: A new resource from NC State University, this booklet features tips on how to attract reptiles and amphibians to your yard and many of these ideas will also attract many other wildlife species as a result.
  • Scary-smart:: A fascinating post about ravens from the Next-Door Nature blog which discusses ravens in folklore and mythology and what aspects of their behavior have been an inspiration.
  • What has nature ever done for us?:: This fantastic article features the wide multitude of things nature has done for us including music, food, healing, water, clothing and more.
  • ‘Manahatta’ author Sanderson: Cities don’t make ecology disappear:: In this overview of the book Mannahatta the author states “The old idea is that cities are a predator to nature,” and  “The city is so diverse that if we recognized it as such, we’d make it a national park.”
  • Urban Wildlife Institute:: Out of the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, ” the Urban Wildlife Institute studies the interaction between urban development and the natural ecosystem to develop scientific standards for minimizing conflict between these overlapping areas.”
  • Make the most of an urban outdoor space:: A valuable article from the Guardian illustrates the variety of spaces and ways to incorporate plants into balconies or other small urban spaces.
  • Pollinators and the garden in winter:: This is a great post on the Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens blog about how to maintain gardens for winter without disturbing pollinator habitat.
  • BeeSmart App:: This new app for Android and iPhone features 1,000 native plants for pollinators and includes a search feature to find plants for the right region, light conditions, soil and more.
  • The pollinator crisis: What’s best for bees:: A fascinating article on Nature which discusses recent findings about pollinator habitat and concludes that, “It takes a diverse assemblage of plants to support a diverse assemblage of bees.”
  • Top 10 ways to attract more wildlife:: Although aimed at a UK audience, this list still includes valuable tips on attracting wildlife in creative ways.


  • RESET conference + IHDC 2011 awards:: This blog features the happenings of the RESET conference and the winning design of the Integrated Habitat Design Competition which were announced at the end of October.
  • Jerusalem’s Green-Roofed Gutman Center is a Home for the Birds and the Bees:: Not only does the building have a turf covered roof with wildflowers for the birds and bees, but the walls themselves have been designed for birds to nest in.
  • The Big Wildlife Garden:: “The more people who do their bit for the wildlife in their patch, the bigger the UK’s garden nature reserve. We’d like to find some of the best examples of wildlife gardens in the UK – ones that will inspire others to take action to turn their gardens into wildlife havens. Remember that size doesn’t matter – small-scale actions can still reap big rewards for wildlife.”
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