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  • Urban Habitat Project:: This interesting and new design in Buffalo, NY “aims to establish a living inner-city demonstration classroom that features habitat restoration, native plants, and sustainable site development/construction while explaining the benefits of bio-diversity.” Should be interesting to watch this project. Read more about the project on the Buffalo Rising website.
  • Greek Green Roof:: This video features a green roof in the Athens suburbs and highlights the flowers, bees and butterflies.
  • Waterfowl condo project will expand:: This article, from the Mail Tribune in southern Oregon, features a project of raised structures for Mallards to nest in to help them avoid land predators. This could be a good study for ducks in urban settings to help them avoid predators such as house cats, raccoons and people.
  • Another Green Piece in South L.A.: First Phase of Wetlands Open:: Another feature from KCET, this article features a newly constructed wetlands.
  • Rockin’ It: Innovative Use of Stone at the SF Garden Show:: This great blog post at the North Coast Gardening blog features a look at some creative use of stone for walls, many of which could easily be great for wildlife.
  • City centre garden gets underway in Piccadilly Basin:: A new project in Manchester, this article discusses plans to create a new city garden along a canal, one side of which will be planted with flowers to provide habitat for butterflies, bees and dragonflies.
  • Scaling Tempelhof: Berlin to Get Mountain, But No Matterhorn:: An article from Der Spiegel discusses a new park design which will feature a small mountain for climbing enthusiasts, habitat for wildlife and will sit in Berlin at an old airport.
  • Johnson Terrace wildlife reserve:: This small, urban garden, featured on the Guardian, is a hidden gem just below Edinburgh castle.
  • Man-made islands mooted for harbour:: A story from New Zealand paper Otago Daily Times, discusses an idea to create a necklace of islands in Otago Harbor for wildlife.
  • How to make a creature tower:: Another video from Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust describes how to make a tower out of reused materials to provide shelter for a variety of wildlife.
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