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PacificLowlandThe Pollinator Partnership is a source for pollinator information and their website includes a valuable tool for designing for pollinators. Their Pollinator Friendly Planting Guides provide detailed PDF’s of many regions throughout the United States including my local region, the Pacific Lowlands.

The guide discusses the need for pollinator assistance, a brief overview of the region, information about the various pollinators including bees, butterflies, birds, bats, moths and even flies. Additionally the guide provides charts about each of the pollinators and the types of plants they are attracted to in terms of odor, color, shape, pollen and more. The guide also discusses how to provide further habitat in terms of shelter, water and food. It also discusses several of the land types from farms to homes where the guide can be used.

Lastly it includes a comprehensive guide to plants including their bloom time and bloom color, and an extensive list of flowers, trees and shrubs that attract pollinators and what type of pollinator they attract.

This is an excellent resource to include in your library to consult when designing any landscape, be sure to check it out.

The Pacific Lowland Guide can be found here.

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