365 Nature – Day 343

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Looking out the south facing windows of our second floor rooms is one of my favorite views. We can’t see Lake Washington or the Olympic mountains, nor can we see the city. What I can see are the clouds. Most of our weather comes from the southwest and every time I look out the window I see a new view. I can see the sunrise during these winter mornings and the sunsets, all from the same window. At dusk I can watch the thousands of crows fly over our house on their way to the roost. One day I’d love to set up my camera and to a time lapse during one day.

Today I noted the clouds early in the morning and decided to take a photo of the same view each hour while I was home. Above is a set of photos taken one hour apart.

Kelly Brenner
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Kelly Brenner

Kelly Brenner is a naturalist and writer based in Seattle. She founded and writes The Metropolitan Field Guide, a blog for ideas, thoughts and resources for the design of urban wildlife habitat and has contributed articles to a variety of other websites and publications.

Kelly has a certificate from the University of Washington in non-fiction writing. She continually takes classes and attends talks on various natural history topics. In 2009 she earned a bachelors degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon.

She's also an avid photographer focusing on the natural world.
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  1. Stunning! I say go for the time lapse.

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