365 Nature – Day 112

In 2016 I’m doing a 365 Nature project. Each day of the year I will post something here about nature. It may be any format, a photo, video, audio, sketch or entry from my nature journal. It could be a written piece. Each day I will connect to nature in some way and share it here by the end of that day. You can keep up-to-date by subscribing to the RSS feed or be notified by email. See all the 365 Nature posts.

Whenever I go to Seattle Goodwill I browse through the books and almost without fail I find something worthwhile. Yesterday I came upon a few children’s books, some familiar and some new and we’ve read nearly all of them together already. Among those, here are three of our favorite nature books.

Wild Fibonacci – A book from Joy H. Hulme with illustrations by Carol Schwartz, this is a fun book that describes the Fibonacci code and breaks it down by counting and adding animals on each page. The illustrations start with one walrus and end with 89 shells on the beach with all manner of animals in between.

The House in the Night – Any book illustrated by Beth Krommes is going to be worth buying and we already have a few. This book written by Susan Marie Swanson was one we’d checked out from the library before and were familiar with. The story is simple and connects everything in the story in one long loop all the way back to the beginning. The illustrations are in black and white with splashes of yellow.

Edward the Emu – This was a book new to us, written by Sheena Knowles and illustrated by Rod Clement. Edward the Emu is tired of being an Emu at the zoo and decides to be other animals. It’s a really fun book to read and the illustrations of Edward being other animals – laying in a tree like the lion with his head dangling down – are very amusing.



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  1. Nice additions to your nature picture book collection!

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