Welcome to everyone who is interested in, experienced with or just looking to learn more about urban wildlife habitat. Wildlife can benefit by our adding habitat in urban centers and we, as humans can benefit from their presence here. Much as been done and written about backyard habitat but the question I ask is how can we expand that in the urban centers, cities and infrastructure in a creative way? There has been some creative ideas, many in Europe incorporating bird habitat on rooftops, lizard habitat along railways and here in the US golf courses can certify as an Audubon Sanctuary.

This blog is designed to be a resource of organizations, articles and other online sources. Additionally I hope it can start a discussion of theory, ideas and thoughts about urban wildlife habitat design and planning. Please comment or email me with further resources or news of what’s being done around the world.

About myself, I recently graduated with a bachelors of landscape architecture from the University of Oregon and currently live in Seattle. I’ve been very interested in urban wildlife habitat and I did several design studios on the subject including campus habitat, a wildlife crossing and my final comprehensive project was a green roof for bird habitat in Portland, Oregon.

I look forward to furthering the design of urban wildlife habitat and I hope many others will join in the discussion.

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