The Zoomazium Green Roof:: Revisited with other Zoo Highlights

Last February I visited the Woodland Park Zoo to view the green roof on the Zoomazium building. At that point, in 2010, the roof was about four years old already so I didn’t expect dramatic changes when I revisited recently. However, the roof looked completely different. What was simply low-growing grasses and small shrubs had transformed into a tall, colorful meadow. Standing on top of the roof, it feels like standing in a meadow because the grasses had grown so high, some nearly as tall as me, that if feels really enclosed, not at all like standing on a roof. With the trees leafed out and encircling half the building the roof is nicely sheltered. Areas of the roof that were bare are now full of plants and the lupine had migrated across the roof. Strawberry patches were still visible and lupine seed pods dotted the…

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Zoomazium’s Green Roof:: Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo and adjacent Green Lake is a bit of an oasis in that area of Seattle with no other green space close by. Being such an oasis they get a number of migratory birds stopping by along with other residential birds all of which they keep track of on their website. The zoo has a 50% cover canopy of trees and many other habitat elements throughout the zoo.

I wanted to visit their new green roof and David Selk, a Horticulturist at the zoo was kind enough to take me up on the roof and answer my questions.

The Zoomazium which achieved a LEED Gold rating and on top of the building is a green roof. The green roof was planned with the building design so they were able to make the most of the roof and instead of having to use a…

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