Jun 072011
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News Course Changes Rough on Residents:: An interesting article about the attempt of a golf course to provide habitat and the challenges faced from the neighbors. Photo From the Field:: A blog post documenting the installation of a nestbox for Peregrine Falcons on a water tower from Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. Why We Must Learn to Love Weeds:: This is a really interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about the concept of a weed and what that does or doesn’t mean. Toads’ epic journey for life, renewal threatened by Highway 6 traffic at Summit Lake:: Here is an …continue reading

Mar 282011
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News Injured baby hawk saved by FDNY in Queens:: From New York City comes a story about an immature Coopers Hawk injured and rescued by a Fireman who also happens to be a wildlife rehabilitator. South Waterfront & OHSU Ecoroof Tour:: From the TERRA.fluxus blog is a recap of one of the tours as part of Ecoroof Portland this month. Recap: Stephan Brenneisen Visit and SOWA/OHSA tour:: Another recap of the tours, this one from the Ecoroof Portland Blog. Downtown Ecoroof Walking Tour:: More coverage of a second tour as part of Ecoroof Portland. Pet Talk: Cats and birds would benefit …continue reading

Jan 282011
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News Wildflower Colors Tell Butterflies How To Do Their Jobs:: This interesting article from TTKN News discusses the unique relationship between butterflies and their pollinator plants and how color factors in. Guerilla Birdhouses Going Up Around Town:: From the Uptown Almanac in San Francisco is an observation of yellow birdhouses appearing randomly throughout the city. A blur of blue:: From the Nature urbaine blog is a sighting of a beautiful Kingfisher in the heart of London. Salamanders Go Deep:: From the Audubon Guides blog is an article that discusses where salamanders go during the winter months. “10,000 by 2010″ goal met in the …continue reading

Jan 262011
Road Ecology and Wildlife Crossings

This is the third and final post in a series looking at wildlife movement, corridors and roads. Read the first post, Ecology Lesson: Population Movements, which was followed by Corridor Ecology and Planning. Roads Roads crisscross the entire country covering much of the land. Highways take us through states or across the whole country, streets cover cities and dirt roads link rural areas to cities. They traverse over rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, deserts and forests. Some highways are many lanes wide and some bridges are modern engineering marvels. They bring us commercial goods, foods and fuel across great distances. There are over …continue reading

Jan 132011
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News BiodiverCITY:: A community blog that features the nature in New York City. Seattle Urban Wildlife Experiences:: Inspired by BiodiverCITY (above) the Seattle Urban Wildlife Group started a similar community blog about the urban wildlife of Seattle. Maryland aims to curb wildlife carnage on roads:: This article from the Baltimore Sun describes a large project consisting of 10 wildlife crossings over an 18-mile stretch and how it’s already working for wildlife despite not yet being completed. Wildlife on Bridges:: This is a Flickr set from Washington State DOT that features the variety of wildlife found on the bridges in Seattle. …continue reading

Dec 172010
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News Stalled on the Bloomingdale Trail:: From Chicago Reader comes this article about the trials and problems creating a new open space in Chicago using an old rail line, similar to the High Line in New York. Once in motion, this could provide a great deal of habitat through the city. Finalists named for Vail Pass wildlife crossings:: This story from the Vail Daily offers another look at the finalists that were featured here, ARC Wildlife Crossing Finalists. New “bird cities” announced:: This article highlights the efforts of six communities in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metro region, and others throughout the state, to …continue reading