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  • Gardening – It’s Time to Get Creative!:: Examples illustrating “the idea of small- space gardening is being able to display and marvel at nature in a more intricate and special way”.
  • Promoting the benefits of planting trees in cities:: “We tend to focus on cars and roads and development, but in the background is always nature that also affects people’s lives.”
  • What You Don’t Know About the Wild Animals in Your City:: “We share our cities and suburbs with the furred and the feathered, but our understanding of them is fraught with misinformation. An excerpt from The Urban Bestiary provides a modern perspective on the wildlife we take for granted or even despise.”
  • Urban dwellers fight back to restore natural habitat:: “Tucked away in the Adelaide parklands there are small areas of bush that are more reminiscent of the landscape much further from the city.”

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