NRCS Backyard Conservation Resources

The NRCS or Natural Resources Conservation Service has some excellent resources available online for download or you can order them free. The first publication is a booklet called Backyard Conservation: Bringing Conservation From the Countryside to Your Backyard and it features many topics such as the benefit of trees and how to plant them, wildlife habitat and how to attract birds and butterflies, backyard ponds and wetlands, composting, mulching, terracing, water conservation and pest management. The information is mostly an overview of each of the subjects, but a good introduction.

Additionally you can download or order a series of 10 tip sheets on backyard conservation that delve more deeply into many of the topics in the booklet. Among the highlights are: Backyard Wetland (PDF) which describes a wetland, where to place one and how to build one. There is also a Backyard Pond sheet…

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