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  • BiodiverCITY:: A community blog that features the nature in New York City.
  • Seattle Urban Wildlife Experiences:: Inspired by BiodiverCITY (above) the Seattle Urban Wildlife Group started a similar community blog about the urban wildlife of Seattle.
  • Maryland aims to curb wildlife carnage on roads:: This article from the Baltimore Sun describes a large project consisting of 10 wildlife crossings over an 18-mile stretch and how it’s already working for wildlife despite not yet being completed.
  • Wildlife on Bridges:: This is a Flickr set from Washington State DOT that features the variety of wildlife found on the bridges in Seattle.
  • Sunday Snapshots: Log Pile:: This post from the blog The Marvelous in Nature, shows the many wildlife species, including spiders, caterpillars, moths, beetles, snakes and more that made use of a log pile. It’s a really diverse set of photos.
  • Huge Housing Project…

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