Funky Nests 2010

Another year of Funky Nests from Celebrate Urban Birds provides a whole new range of places that birds will nest. As I talked about in the Funky Nests in Funky Places post from the contest of the previous year, it is always amazing how resilient some species can be. Some of the prizewinning entries from this year include nests on top of tires, scaffolding, a sailboat, a mop and various statues, signs and window ledges.

This competition is one of my favorites from Celebrate Urban Birds because it shows that despite our best efforts to create the ideal habitat birds will nest in the most funky places like shoes, stairs, plant containers, gutters, and even on a roll of…

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Funky Nests in Funky Places

Celebrate Urban Birds often has contests and the previous contest was to send in images of nests in funky places. There are hundreds of entries to browse through on their website. When confronted with naysayers who announce that an urban setting will never be friendly to wildlife I simply point out how resilient nature is. Malcolm Wells (sadly, who recently passed away) points this out as well in his book Recovering America. We work hard to keep our urban setting nature free. Without human interference the plants would soon take over and start to restore itself. There are some good illustrations and photos of this idea in Recovering America.

This photo contest makes the same point, birds can and will nest nearly anywhere. Among the places submitted are in shoes, on balconies, in various pipes,…

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