Sep 072012
Friday Film:: Rain gardening - A series of rain gardens

This week’s Friday Film features a look at a series of rain gardens designed to capture water from a roof. This video is presented by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust as part of their ‘Step by Step Rain Gardens‘ series.  In this installed garden, the rain falls down the downspout, across into a raised, circular planter filled with plants tolerant of heavy water but also summer drought. If the storm is too much for the single garden, it overflows into a series of other gardens preventing water from reaching the storm drains. The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust website is full of useful information …continue reading

Mar 022012
Friday Film:: New Wild Garden

Today’s Friday Film features an inside look at the New Wild Garden from the 2011 Chelsea RHS Flower Show designed by Nigel Dunnett filmed by Dusty Gedge. The garden features a great many elements for wildlife including a stone wall for habitat with built-in insect shelters as well as an insect wall for solitary bees and other insects on the shelter. The shelter is constructed out of a reused shipping container by Green Roof Shelters and includes a green roof designed for biodiversity. Also part of the design is a beautiful rain garden which captures overflow water from the green roof …continue reading

Aug 232011
Foragings:: The latest news, resources, designs and more

News An Urban Jungle for the 21st Century:: An interesting article from the New York Times, this piece features a 10-year development plan in Singapore which aims to go from “a garden city” to a “city in a garden” which means increasing the greenery and biodiversity of plants and wildlife around the city. Cities could be the key to saving pollinating insects:: An interesting study featured by BBC News, which is about a project aiming to document pollinators Britain-wide. They are surveying in 12 cities and including urban areas as well as agriculture and nature reserves. Welcome to synurbia:: This …continue reading

Jun 292011
12,000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound Campaign

Everyone knows it rains a lot in Seattle and with the Puget Sound on our doorstep, stormwater runoff can have a huge impact on the aquatic ecosystem. In the Puget Sound there are octopus, sharks, harbor seals, sea anemones, sea stars, crabs, clams, salmon and something called sea cauliflower. This multitude of wildlife is important culturally, economically as well as environmentally. Stormwater runoff is the rainwater that falls and runs over impervious surfaces to the nearest waterways. In places without impervious surfaces, the water is intercepted by trees, plants and the leaf litter on the ground and moves extremely slowly …continue reading

Jun 172011
Integrated Habitats Design Competition 2010:: Overflow Carpark

As the 2011 Integrated Habitats Design Competition is getting launched, I’m looking at the winning entries from the 2010 competition in a series of posts. The Overflow Carpark designers asks a very important question: “While it may prove impossible to eliminate the need for cars and carparks in the near future, how can we reinterpret their rather banal landscape to provide broader range of services, to act as robust green infrastructure for both the city and second nature?” The team of Claire Mookerjee and Mat Triebner provide a solution to this question that goes beyond the current ideas of stormwater management. They …continue reading

Mar 212011
Foragings:: The latest news, resources, designs and more

News Conservation, nature and cities — or Learning to Love the Pigeon:: This is a wonderful post on the Connected by Nature blog about the ‘Pigeon Paradox’. New scientific field will study ecological importance of sounds:: From the ScienceBlog website, this article discusses an emerging scientific field called Soundscape Ecology which “will focus on what sounds can tell people about an area.” The importance of this is that sounds are the first sign of environmental changes and if we’re not hearing them, we may be missing something. Expanding to urban Seattle: announcing UW, REI, Seattle Art Museum, PCC Natural Markets …continue reading