A Roof for the Birds:: Creating habitat on the Portland Mausoleum roof

This is my comprehensive project that I completed in my final year of the Landscape Architecture program at the University of Oregon. The two-term project was the culmination of my educational career and I wanted to choose something meaningful that would relate to my main interest of creating and designing urban wildlife habitat. I started to ask around and very quickly a project fell into my hands from Mike Houck, the Executive Director of the Urban Greenspace Institute in Portland. He has been responsible for creating Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge as well as a giant mural on the side of the Portland Mausoleum that overlooks Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and had been interested for some time in creating a green roof for the building. I was lucky enough to also consult with Bob Sallinger, Conservation Director for Portland Audubon as well as Tom Liptan from the Bureau of Environmental Services,…

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Urban Species Profile:: Swifts

Swifts are one of the few birds that can draw crowds like rock stars. Their roosting is one of the greatest migration wonders of the natural world and they often choose to share it with us in the urban world. Several species of swifts are well known to roost in chimneys, often where many people have a chance to watch them. On the west coast of North and Central America Vaux’s Swifts roost in chimneys along their migration route. East of the Rockies, a similar species, the Chimney Swift does the same thing. They roost communally, often by the thousands and they all descend into their roost site at the same time creating a huge spectacle. At several urban sites people will gather numbering from the tens to the thousands to watch the swifts descent into a chimney. In Europe and Asia the Common Swift

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Ecoroof Portland March 12-13

If you’re in the Portland area, consider checking out their upcoming event: Ecoroof Portland which will be March 12-13. There will be a vendor fair and many talks including some keynote speakers of great interest. Among the topics of discussion include: Introduction to Ecoroofs in Portland, Ecoroof Research and Monitoring, Portland’s Shift to a Sustainable Future – The Role of Ecoroofs, Welcome and Live Demonstration, Ecoroof Case Studies.

Check out the Event Page
And the Event Program

Also worth visiting is the City of Portland Ecoroof page with a lot of great information including self-guided tours, incentives, monitoring reports and a very helpful Ecoroof Handbook (PDF).

In addition the City of Portland has an Ecoroof Blog that is worth following.

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