Mar 272015
PNW Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt Answers

Many thank you’s to everyone who participated, read the posts and had fun with our Pacific Northwest Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt! We hope you discovered some new blogs to follow and learned something interesting about the Pacific Northwest. Congratulations to the winners! If you didn’t get a chance to participate, the questions and links are still active and we encourage you to read the 17 posts from a wide variety of PNW bloggers. For those who are curious, here are the correct answers to the questions: What fleeting flowers are “here one moment and gone the next”? This answer was found …continue reading

Mar 162015
2015 PNW Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt

UPDATE:: You now have until Sunday, March 22nd to submit your answers! Welcome to the 2015 Pacific Northwest nature blog Scavenger Hunt! You’re invited to participate and win some wonderful prizes (shown below). I’m very pleased to present a wonderful collection of nature bloggers and some fantastic prizes. In the process we hope you find some new blogs to follow, learn a lot about the wonderful and fascinating Pacific Northwest and finally, have a lot of fun! The Rules Find the answers to the questions listed below in the links to the blogs. (We don’t want to make it easy …continue reading

Dec 292014
5 Favorite Washington Nature Photos of 2014

This past year I’ve been lucky to have a lot of great nature experiences and fortunately, had my camera along for a lot of them. Exploring the Pacific Northwest is a never-ending adventure because there is such a diverse amount of habitats and wildlife to see and experience. I’ve ventured into the mountains, into wetlands, across the Sound and onto islands, not to mention all the places in the city, just this year alone. Here are some of my favorite shots I’ve captured from a variety of places in Washington, and why I consider each to be a memorable photo. …continue reading

Jan 202014
Hedgerows From Romans to Habitat

This is a revised and updated post which was originally published on June 2, 2010. History Although not as significant in the US as in the UK, hedgerows nonetheless offer a valuable design opportunity for wildlife habitat. In the simplest terms, a hedgerow is a row of wild trees and shrubs, packed closely together. In the UK they have a very long and interesting history, dating back thousands of years. They were a mixed blessing, good for wildlife, but very bad for peasant farmers. Historically, hedgerows were the remnants of woodlands cleared to make way for agricultural fields. With the …continue reading

Jan 062014
History and Habitat at Thomas Wales Park

Located in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, the Thomas C. Wales park was completed in 2010 and opened to the public in October of that year. The park was dedicated in early 2011 in honor of late Assistant US Attorney and Queen Anne resident Thomas C. Wales who was tragically murdered, a case which still remains unsolved. The park’s previous life as a gravel quarry had altered the landscape, leaving a large hole in the side of the hill in the shape of an amphitheater, where an unintended wetland had formed at the center. It was later used as a materials depot …continue reading

Sep 032013
Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens Roundup

Following are the last four of my posts on the Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens blog. A Propagation Primer Propagation has been on my mind lately. We recently moved into a house with a very bare yard and although I brought all of my plants from our apartment balcony, they hardly make a dent in the yard. I recently visited the local native plant sale and despite spending a hundred dollars, the plants are also not going to make much of an impact. I recently wrote aboutmethods for collecting native plants, which is a great way to acquire hard to …continue reading