The Finnish Museum of Natural History

In the middle of July we made a trip to Finland, my second visit to the country I had first visited in 2008, and was eager to return and explore more. One of the first things we did was visit the Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki. It had been a few years since I first visited and I found my memory to not be very good. There were some things I remembered clearly, probably thanks to photos I had taken, but otherwise it was like visiting the museum anew. 

We began on the bottom floor and I was immediately wrapped up by the extensive display of bones. There were dozens of complete skeletons set up for everything from narwhal to bat. I particularly appreciated a Great Gray Owl skeleton on a branch next to a Great Gray Owl mount. The…

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Friday Film:: The Importance of Parks to People and Wildlife

Today’s Friday Film is a video from the Brussels Natural History Museum for their exhibition on urban wildlife and features Dr Peter Shepherd from BSG Ecology discussing why parks are important to people and wildlife. He talks about the importance of beautiful plants, the song of birds and other wildlife to people and without mentioning it by name, describes biophilia. The video talks about how our connection to nature in the past was more fundamental because we relied on it for our food, clothing, shelter and fuel, but today while it’s less essential to our survival, parks provide somewhere to connect, relax, exercise and a sense of community.

The Brussels Natural History Museum has a fascinating new permanent exhibition titled BiodiverCITY now.

Who would have thought that a slowworm could be hiding in a corner of…

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