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  • Green Roofs:: An informative article by green roof expert Dusty Gedge discusses the benefits of small-scale green roofs for biodiversity.
  • What kind of meadow is best for wildlife?:: This interesting article from the Guardian’s garden blog discusses the benefits and differences between and urban meadow and traditional meadow.
  • Do Golf Courses Make Good Bat Habitats?:: An article from ScienceNOW which features a wildlife ecologists recent study on the potential benefit of golf courses for bats and found that they can indeed be good bat habitat.
  • Wildlife In The City In The Desert:: This interesting article features urban wildlife not common to most regions, desert wildlife such as rabbits, roadrunners, quail and lizards.
  • From Country Bumpkin to City Dweller: Urban Wildlife:: Another interesting article about urban wildlife, this one celebrates the ingenuity of urban dwellers and how successful some species such as birds and foxes, have…

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