Friday Film:: Laban Rubble Green Roof

friday filmIn this edition of Friday Film, British green roof expert Dusty Gedge takes us on a tour of this 12 year old green roof designed to replicate the brownfield sites of London. The roof is awash in colors of many wildflowers and is full of a variety of insects. Dusty narrates this visit and highlights the various plants while offering insight into green roof design and plant selection.

From the video description:

Dusty Gedge pays one of his regular visits to the original ‘rubble’, brown, green roof on the Laban Dance Centre in Deptford London. The roof is a profusion of colour and wildflowers and sedums. The film features bees, grasshoppers, ladybirds and a range of brownfield wildflowers. And in typical style is a slightly irreverent commentary on green roofs.

Laban Rubble Green Roof on Vimeo.

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