Jul 222013
The Parks of Seattle Project

If you haven’t been following the Parks of Seattle project, you’re missing out. Dave Battjes has decided to create a logo for each and every one of the 400 plus parks and green spaces in the city of Seattle. For almost a year, since August of 2012, Dave has produced logos in a wide variety of styles. Each completed logo is posted on his blog, Parks of Seattle where you can see them all. It’s fascinating subject matter and Dave’s logos evoke not only a sense of each park, but an overall sense of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle. With 400 …continue reading

Aug 052011
Foragings:: The latest news, resources, designs and more

News London’s a real hoot after dark, say twitchers:: This article discusses another aspect of London nightlife, the owls. Owl Prowl, taking place in August is run by the the London Wildlife Trust and aims to survey urban owls to raise awareness of the city’s owl population. Troops called in to scare storks with eye contact:: A fascinating article about a conflict between birds and an air show and a creative, non-violent solution found where people stared at the storks making them uncomfortable enough to leave the area. ‘Weeds': In Defense Of Botany’s Cockroach:: This NPR story features a look …continue reading

Jul 012011
Foragings:: The latest news, resources, designs and more

News A bird sanctuary in the city:: This is a really interesting look at habitat on the Ateneo Loyola Heights campus in Manila in the Philippines with a surprising number of birds found just steps from the buildings on campus. It also acts as one of the few green corridors in the city and as a valuable educational tool and several participants in recent bird walks included a diversity of attendees including faculty, students and administrators. Water firm’s special thank you gift to city school pupils:: Another article about campus habitat, this time in the form of a pond which provides habitat and a valuable …continue reading

Nov 292010
Foragings:: The latest news, resources, designs and more

News Answers About Urban Wildlife:: This is not a new feature from the NY Times, but still a very interesting one about urban wildlife. It features questions about urban wildlife and answers from the director of Urban Park Rangers. There are a series of these features including Answers About Urban Wildlife, Part 2 and Answers About Urban Wildlife, Part 3. Bug hotels offer wintering spot for garden helpers:: Insect hotels are finally making their way here to the United States thanks to one of the founders of the Urban Hedgerows project. This article features some recent designs and offers up …continue reading

Nov 162010
Presidio Habitats

Running now through May 15th of 2011 is Presidio Habitats in San Francisco. It is a joint venture between FOR-SITE Foundation and Presidio Trust and started running May 16th of this year. The Presidio has a long and interesting military history starting in 1776 with occupation under Spain followed by Mexico and finally the United States up until 1994. It is now a 1,491 acre national park with the Presidio now a National Historic Landmark District comprised of 469 historic buildings. The historic landscape is also part of the National Historic Landmark District and includes a historic forest which was army …continue reading

Jul 152010
Floating Habitat Islands

What started as an artists sketch four decades ago has now become a working product. In 1970 artist Robert Smithson, perhaps best known for his ‘Spiral Jetty’ earthwork, created a sketch showing a tugboat towing a vegetated island on a river and called it “Floating Island“. During his lifetime he was never able to see the idea realized, but in 2005 a team was able to create the island and it toured the shores of Manhattan. There’s a great multimedia feature from the NY Times about the construction of the piece. The islands 30′ by 90′ surface had ten trees, …continue reading