Why? Cultural Entomology

The second post in the Why series is going to look at a significant aspect of the importance of wildlife, the cultural perspective. Most species of wildlife have played important roles in human culture in the spiritual realm, fashion, the arts,  folklore and myth, food, literature and many further aspects. Insects may often be overlooked as important wildlife, but they have a rich history in the lives of humans and there’s now a study of it called Cultural Entomology.

Insects have long had an influence on humans as far back as 2200BC with imagery of the scarab. Some have been made into gods by different cultures such as the Aztecs, Greek, Chinese and Babylonians and the Scorpion is a Zodiac symbol. Beetles can be connected to many religions including Shamanism, Buddhism and Taoism. The importance of the scarab to the Egyptians was immense and…

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