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Wildlife in the City Program

A joint program between Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Nottingham City Council called Wildlife in the City, is aimed at connecting residents to the nature and green spaces in their community. The program aims to provide a ‘hands on experience with nature’ and in turn, promote a sense of pride and ownership in the community of the local green spaces. In an age where more people are becoming increasingly detached from nature, this is a very honorable objective.

The three-year program will focus on community events, training and educating volunteers to create long-term relationships with their local wildlife areas. There will also be an interactive website resource for the community to communicate and share experiences and information. The community has the support of the city as well, Councillor David Trimble from Nottingham City Council, said, “This new project aims to get our citizens to take pride in their local…

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Vancouver’s Green Streets

(Photo from Gardens from the Green Streets Program)

The City of Vancouver, in British Columbia, has a successful Green Streets program where residents adopt a corner bulge or traffic circle. The gardener then designs, plants and maintains their adopted garden for as long as they like which can be a single  month or multiple years. I found this to be a fascinating project, particularly after my observations over the summer of the unexpected habitat I found in my own local roundabouts as well as the Pollinator Pathway, another local project I wrote about and recently helped to install several new gardens. I contacted Erin MacDonald, the Green Streets Coordinator, about the program, and she was kind enough to provided a lot of good information. I first asked what inspired this program and here is what she said:

The program began in 1994 as a pilot…

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