Bird Safe Building Updates

There are some new items to add to a previous post about bird safe building guidelines.

First, from the American Bird Conservancy comes news about proposed legislation that would put regulations on federal building construction.

The bill, HR 4797 calls for each public building constructed, acquired, or altered by the General Services Administration (GSA) to incorporate, to the maximum extent possible, bird-safe building materials and design features. The legislation would require GSA to take similar actions on existing buildings, where practicable. The terms “bird-safe building materials and design features” are defined through reference to several publications addressing those topics.

Read more about the bill and the response from ABC on their website. Proposed Legislation Would Prevent Millions of Bird Deaths

In addition the ABC has also published a flyer about bird and building collisions that discusses the problems as well as…

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Bird Safe Building Guidelines

It is estimated that 100 million birds are killed every year in the United States alone through collisions with buildings
– NY Audubon

There is a very good resource from NY Audubon called Bird Safe Building Guidelines. Every aspect of design and planning should think about the impact of that design on surrounding wildlife. While many species of wildlife may not be present in the urban environment, many species of birds to fly over or through cities, especially during migration. Many major cities are located along major migratory routes, here on the west coast is the Pacific Flyway. One aspect many designers, architect, landscape architect or otherwise don’t often consider is the impact of that design on potential collisions. Windows have many ways of tricking birds from reflection to seeing through the other side or lights acting as a beacon.

We need to first understand the potential of…

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