Integrated Habitats Design Competition 2010:: The Seed Catalogue

As the 2011 Integrated Habitats Design Competition is getting launched, I’m looking at the winning entries from the 2010 competition in a series of posts.

The Seed Catalogue, by the team of Susannah Hagan, Silvio Caputo and Mark Gaterell, won the “Highly Commended” award. This brilliant idea creates a catalog of options for post industrial cities to manage degraded industrial spaces. Focused on northern England cities, this catalog proposes options in four categories to aid in planning and community enhancement and in turn serve as small investments. The catalog recognizes the complex layout of these cities and offers a way to use derelict land to transform the town into a network of artificial ecosystems which benefit residents in terms of growing food, creating energy, providing habitat and recycling waste. It does this by recognizing the difference in sites and providing options based on the specifics of each site…

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