What is Street Creatures?  This is the game I run on Twitter every Friday. I’ve
collected all the past quizzes here in one place so you can either relive them, or play
them for the first time.

How does it work?  Provided are four, seemingly unrelated clues, that are all
connected by a wild organism that can be found in a city. Look at the four clues,
do some research, and when you think you’ve figured it out, click on ‘Answer’
to reveal what connects the clues, and how they are connected.

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Quiz #62 Clues

Lyme disease
Asynchronous Eye Closure
Push ups

Answer (Don't click until you've solved it)

Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)

Lyme disease:

When ticks bite Western Fence Lizards, a protein in the lizard’s blood kills the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, they are immune. AND ticks that feed on the lizards are purged of it as well!

Asynchronous Eye Closure:

These lizards sleep with one eye open and half their brain awake as an anti-predator adaptation.

Push ups:

These goofy male lizards can be seen doing rapid push ups, basically to show off. They are done to intimidate other males, or to show off their fancy blue undersides to females.


Another name for the Western Fence Lizard is the Blue-belly because although they are somewhat drab on top, the males develop vivid blue undersides during mating time.
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