What is Street Creatures?  This is the game I run on Twitter every Friday. I’ve
collected all the past quizzes here in one place so you can either relive them, or play
them for the first time.

How does it work?  Provided are four, seemingly unrelated clues, that are all
connected by a wild organism that can be found in a city. Look at the four clues,
do some research, and when you think you’ve figured it out, click on ‘Answer’
to reveal what connects the clues, and how they are connected.

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Quiz #3 Clues


Answer (Don't click until you've solved it)

Wood louse


There are MANY names for woodlice, including roly poly, pill bug and cheeselog as they’re known in Surrey. The UK has dozens of names like granny granshers, chiggypigs, slaters and crunchy bats.

Read on for more names: How Many Names to Brits Have For Woodlice?


Found in some crustaceans, these ” overlapping leaf-like structures” are part of the marsupium where the eggs are stored.


This refers to the behavior of rolling up. Woodlice do this as a defense against predators, but potentially also to conserve water. Read more.


Woodlice don’t pee, instead they emit their nitrogenous waste as ammonia THROUGH their exoskeleton.

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