What is Street Creatures?  This is the game I run on Twitter every Friday. I’ve
collected all the past quizzes here in one place so you can either relive them, or play
them for the first time.

How does it work?  Provided are four, seemingly unrelated clues, that are all
connected by a wild organism that can be found in a city. Look at the four clues,
do some research, and when you think you’ve figured it out, click on ‘Answer’
to reveal what connects the clues, and how they are connected.

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Quiz #14 Clues


Answer (Don't click until you've solved it)

Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)


Painted Ladies irrupt, or have big outbreaks periodically. Some years there may be none at all and others they’re everywhere. In 1992 I-5 was closed in S. California due to the sheer numbers coating the highway.


Painted Ladies are in the Vanessa genus, which includes the very similar American Lady and West Coast Lady. They have characteristic strong flighty behavior and are predominately orange, black and white.


Painted Ladies have a predilection for thistle and will lay their eggs on it, but will also use lupine or mallows. They’ll nectar on a much wider variety of plants though.


Painted Ladies are also known by this name because they are found on nearly every continent except Antarctica. In fact, this is the only butterfly species recorded on Iceland.

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