Safari 7

Safari 7

If you happen to be in New York or visiting soon, be sure to check out Safari 7 which will be running from April 19-24. This is an amazing project that is centered on the number 7 line and has a self-guided wildlife tour through New York City. From their website:

Safari 7 is a self-guided tour of urban animal life along New York City’s No. 7 subway line. Traveling from Manhattan’s dense core, under the East River and into Queens, the nation’s most ethnically diverse county, we hope you can use Safari 7’s resources to better understand the complexity, biodiversity, conflicts, and potentials of our urban ecosystems.

On their website you can find a printable guide and a series of podcasts you can download. The guide is very creative with some interesting images and the podcasts are equally interesting and pose some thought provoking questions such as can be found on Flushing Meadows podcast.

The question is, is what we call nature really natural? At what point does the man-made environment become the natural environment? And at what point are we really just fighting ourselves?

Visit the Safari 7 Website

Here is a good article about the first exhibit last year:: Urban Wildlife: The Safari 7 Reading Room

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