Here are backyard habitat design resources. You can find plants for wildlife resources by going to Regional Plant Lists for Wildlife Resources. If you see a resource that is not listed, please send it to me via the contact form and I’ll add it.

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Audubon At Home:: Audubon Society

Wildlife Gardening:: National Wildlife Federation

Backyard Conservation:: NRCS

Maryland’s Wild Acres Program:: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Going Native: Urban Landscaping for Wildlife With Native Plants:: NC State Cooperative Extension

Backyard Wildlife Habitats:: Virginia Cooperative Extension

Habitat at Home (PDF):: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Habitat for Wildlife:: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

West Virginia Wild Yards (PDF):: West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

Landscaping for Wildlife: The Needs of Wildlife:: Lake County Forest Preserves

Creating Habitat and Homes for Illinois Wildlife:: Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Managing Michigan’s Wildlife: A Landowner’s Guide:: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Landscaping for Backyard Wildlife:: Missouri Department of Conservation

Landscaping for Wildlife (PDF):: Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

Neighborly Natural Landscaping: Creating Natural Environments in Residential Areas:: Penn State Cooperative Extension

Fall Landscaping for Wildlife:: University of Vermont Extension

Backyards for Wildlife (PDF):: Idaho Fish and Game

Welcoming Wildlife to Your Backyard:: Montanta Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Creating landscape for wildlife…A Guide for Backyards in Utah (PDF):: State of Utah, Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife Resources

Landscaping Guidelines to Attract Wildlife (PDF):: University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service

Wyoming Wildscape: How to design, plant and maintain landscaping to benefit people and wildlife (PDF):: Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Backyard Habitat:: University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Services

Landscaping Backyards for Wildlife: Top Ten Tips for Success (PDF):: University of Florida IFAS Extension

Landscaping for Wildlife:: Living Green, University of Florida IFAS Extension

Landscaping for Wildlife (Video):: Living Green, University of Florida IFAS Extension

Landscaping for Wildlife:: DEQ Louisiana

Mississippi Recreational Gardens: Establishing a Backyard Wildlife Habitat (PDF):: Mississippi State University Extension Service

Improving Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat (PDF):: University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service

The Wildlife Friendly Garden:: Arizona Game and Fish Department

Create Your Own Habitat:: Tuscon’s Urban Wildlife Walk

Wildlife Habitat 101 (PDF):: Arizona Cooperative Extension

Providing for Backyard Habitat (PDF):: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Wildscapes:: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Landscaping for Wildlife in Alaska:: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Attracting Wildlife to Your  Backyard:: Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Planning and Creating a Wildlife-friendly Garden:: RSPB

Urban Gardening for Birds:: Celebrate Urban Birds

Wild About Gardens:: RHS & Wildlife Trusts

Gardening for Life: An Inspirational Guide to Creating Healthy Habitat:: Seattle Audubon

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Wisconsin Woodlands: Wildlife Management (PDF):: University of Wisconsin Extension

Wildlife-Habitat Relationships (PDF):: Penn State Cooperative Extension

Working with Wildlife: Low Cost Habitat Improvements (PDF):: Stewardship Forest

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