A new study published in Nature has discovered how spider webs are able to catch water and create the amazing sight that I caught in the photograph above. Many times we only think about mammals and birds when we consider habitat but there are many insects that are easily overlooked that also provide many benefits. Of course we know they provide food for birds and bats and are a vital part of the food chain, however what we often don’t think about is how little we know about them. Many people don’t realize that a great many inventions are created because of the study of insects. We can do a great many things and every day we are more innovative but there is still a great deal that insects can produce that we cannot.

This study shows an incredible insight to the formation of spider webs that we can’t replicate with any human made materials. There could be countless possibilities if we could learn to replicate this materials.

Read about the study at the BBC:: How spider webs catch water drops

Providing habitat for insects will help not only the birds but us as well. There are many species of insects, many which have still not been discovered. We can help preserve them by creating habitat so that one day we may learn something valuable from them in turn.

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