Sep 072012
Friday Film:: Rain gardening - A series of rain gardens

This week’s Friday Film features a look at a series of rain gardens designed to capture water from a roof. This video is presented by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust as part of their ‘Step by Step Rain Gardens‘ series.  In this installed garden, the rain falls down the downspout, across into a raised, circular planter filled with plants tolerant of heavy water but also summer drought. If the storm is too much for the single garden, it overflows into a series of other gardens preventing water from reaching the storm drains. The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust website is full of useful information …continue reading

Aug 292012
Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens Post:: House Hunting

This is an excerpt from my latest post at the Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens blog. Click the link below to visit the full post. My family recently started house hunting. We’ve been apartment dwellers for years, but the situation is right for us to purchase a home since, among other reasons, we’re planning on staying in Seattle for a few years. Plus we’re tired of our rent going up every year. Over the last few months I’ve discovered how much value I place on the outdoor space. We started out looking at condos, then expanded townhouses and now have …continue reading

Aug 172012
Foragings:: The latest news, resources, designs and more

News Badgers, bats and reptiles are right at home at Durrants Village:: Developers at a village in West Sussex have gone to great lengths by protecting species on site during construction and including habitat for the existing wildlife on the site including bats, lizards, snakes and badgers. Amphibian Crossing:: The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey has a project to protect spring breeding amphibians by moving them across roads during their migration to breeding sites. Why Every City Should Be Planting Rain Gardens:: An interesting history of rain gardens and compelling arguments for their installation by The Atlantic Cities. Hedgerows direct the …continue reading

Jul 272012
Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens Post:: The Thrill of Seeds

This is an excerpt from my latest post at the Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens blog. Click the link below to visit the full post. I confess, I’ve never been very good with plants. This despite having a fair grasp on their workings; having taken horticulture and plant classes while getting my Landscape Architecture degree. I figure this just means I have to work harder at keeping them alive. Nearly three years ago now, we moved to an apartment in Seattle that included a balcony with great views of downtown Seattle and the Space Needle, and so my gardening ambitions …continue reading

Jul 062012
Friday Film:: Virgin Mothers

Today’s Friday Film is by John Dunstan whose excellent short films were featured in previous posts, Short Film:: Wild Jersey City and ‘The Secret Life of….my small urban backyard’ in a past Foragings. He’s back with a new short film, one  in a series building from the bottom up on the food chain. This one is titled ‘Virgin Mothers‘ and features the role of aphids in our complex food web. The film explores parthenogenesis, the ability of aphids to reproduce without breeding. It also demonstrates the various roles of aphids at the bottom of the food chain including being farmed, used …continue reading

Jun 272012
Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens Post:: Plants in Children's Art

This is an excerpt from my latest post at the Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens blog. Click the link below to visit the full post. For the last post in my series of plants in the arts, we’re going to look at the importance of plants in children’s art. The rest of the series included various arts starting with Plants in Poetry, then looking at visual arts with Plants in Paintings:: Vincent van Gogh and Plants in Design. I have a wonderful little friend in Finland who is 8 years old and quite a magnificent artist. Her name is Mia and she loves nature. Neither of …continue reading