Now you can find many new pages of resources under the ‘Resources’ tab on the top of this page. Newly added pages include resources for Habitat Elements, Golf Course Habitat, Schoolyard and Campus Habitat, Backyard Habitat and Rain Gardens and Wildlife Ponds.

Also new, in addition to Landscape for Wildlife by Region resources, you’ll now find those resources categorized by species under Landscape for Wildlife by Species.

One additional new page is The Metropolitan Field Guide Bookstore where you can buy books from Amazon through this blog. These are all books from my Amazon Listmania that I recommend.

On the right side of the blog you’ll now find the featured Wildlife Plant Profile and Urban Wildlife Species Profile which will be updated when there are new ones added. You’ll also find fewer links on the right as they are moved to the ‘Resources’ tab.

If you’re in Seattle, I’m starting a new group called the Seattle Urban Wildlife Group. The goal is to gather people who are interested in urban wildlife together to communicate, brainstorm and connect through a monthly meeting, Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to join us!

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