Birds Hatching in the Forest by Mia

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For the last post in my series of plants in the arts, we’re going to look at the importance of plants in children’s art. The rest of the series included various arts starting with Plants in Poetry, then looking at visual arts with Plants in Paintings:: Vincent van Gogh and Plants in Design.

I have a wonderful little friend in Finland who is 8 years old and quite a magnificent artist. Her name is Mia and she loves nature. Neither of her parents are nature geeks, but they do greatly encourage her interests. When I visited them a few years ago we bonded because I am a nature geek. Mia loves to spend time outside observing wildlife and rescuing worms from sidewalks after the rain. She also loves to draw and make art and spends incredible amounts of time and energy creating her art. Since I have known her she has progressed from drawings to 3-d art and most recently silhouettes cut out of paper. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of her art over the last few years, all of which are amazing. Recently she even put together a 24-page bird book for me and it’s so good I could identify the birds from her drawings.

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