Doriopsilla miniata is a nudibranch that varies in size and markings depending on the region it is found. Individuals in South Africa have complex white lines while those in Australia have minimal white markings and individuals in Japan tend to be more yellow than orange. Like other species in the Doriopsilla genus, this nudibranch has no radula and instead of scraping food, it uses digestive juices to soften up its prey, which are sponges, and then suck up the contents.

It’s been noted to have an unpleasant peppery taste and a South African sea snail, Triviella millardi resembles Doriopsilla miniata, possibly in an attempt to take advantage of the bad taste.

Common Name: Scribbled Nudibranch
Region: Indo-West Pacific, SE Atlantic 
Size: 30-50 mm
Depth: To 30 m
Colors: Yellow to orange with white lines

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