Living with Wildlife

Living with Wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a good resource online called Living with Wildlife. It’s adapted from an excellent book by Russell Link, published by the WDFW of the same name, Living With Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. A second book also by Russell Link is just as valuable, it’s titled Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.

Living with Wildlife discusses many specific species of mammals, birds, herpetiles and basic life cycles of each of the species. In addition it discusses many ways of dealing with conflict. Some other valuable information included are tips on how to remove wildlife from buildings and the legal status of many species.

Landscaping for Wildlife goes into great depth about basic ecology, how to create specific features such as ponds and how to build houses for bats, birds and even bees. There is a valuable plant list in the appendix that lists plants and what habitat benefits they provide.

The Living with Wildlife website has some of the same information from the books, but to a much lesser degree. Frogs are one animal that are highlighted and the page gives information about the lifecycle of a frog, a list of native frogs, how to attract frogs to your yard and how to manage the invasive Bullfrog.

These resources are incredibly valuable if you live in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend them.

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