Here you will find regional instruction documents about landscaping for wildlife. They are mostly from universities, extension services, cities or other organizations and are tailored for specific regions and their wildlife. If you have a  resource that’s not listed, please send it to me by using the contact form (also found in the pages drop down menu) and I will gladly add it.

You can find plants lists for wildlife, many which accompany these documents under ‘Regional Plant Lists‘.

Basics for Creating a Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat (PDF):: Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment

Landscaping for Desert Wildlife:: Arizona Game and Fish Department

The Wildlife Friendly Garden:: Arizona Game and Fish Department

Where do Lizards Lounge? A guide to creating backyard habitat for lizards (PDF):: Arizona Native Plant Society

Landscaping for Wildlife-Habitat Elements (PDF):: Arizona Cooperative Extension Yavapai County

Create Your Own Habitat:: Tuscon’s Urban Wildlife Walk

There’s a Hole in the Habitat: Design Guidelines:: University of Arizona School of Landscape Architecture

Butterfly Gardening:: Desert Connections

Gardening to Attract Birds (PDF):: Desert Connections

Schoolyard Habitat Design (PDF):: School of Landscape Architecture, University of Arizona

Wildlife Habitat 101 (PDF):: Arizona Cooperative Extension

Landscaping to Attract Butterflies, Moths, and Skippers (PDF):: Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Landscaping and Gardening for Birds (PDF):: Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Landscaping for Wildlife: A Guide to the Southern Great Plains (Book)

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