In the following pages are regional landscaping for wildlife guides and documents. They are mostly from universities, extension services, cities or other organizations and are tailored for specific regions and their wildlife. If you have a  resource that’s not listed, please send it to me by using the contact form (also found in the pages drop down menu) and I will gladly add it.

You can find plants lists for wildlife, many which accompany these documents under the ‘Pages’ menu under ‘Regional Plant Lists‘.

All Wildlife

Four Pack: Hummingbird Haven, Christmas Trees for Wildlife, Plants for Your Backyard Habitat, Attracting Butterflies (PDF):: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet: Reptiles and Amphibians (PDF):: NRCS & Wildlife Habitat Council

Audubon At Home:: Audubon Society

Wildlife Gardening:: National Wildlife Federation

Backyard Conservation:: NRCS


Attracting Bats (PDF):: Bat Conservation International

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet: Bats (PDF):: NRCS & Habitat Wildlife Council


Homes for Birds:: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Creating a Garden for Birds (PDF):: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Urban Gardening for Birds:: Celebrate Urban Birds


Butterfly Gardening (PDF):: Xerces Society

Pollinator Friendly Parks; How to Enhance Parks, Gardens, and Other Greenspaces for Native Pollinator Insects (PDF):: Xerces Society

Making Room for Native Pollinators. How to Create Habitat for Pollinator Insects on Golf Courses (PDF):: Xerces Society

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet: Butterflies (PDF):: NRCS & Habitat Wildlife Council

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet: Native Pollinators (PDF):: NRCS & Habitat Wildlife Council


Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden (Book)

National Wildlife Federation Attracting Birds, Butterflies & Backyard Wildlife (Book)

Pollinator Conservation Handbook: A Guide to Understanding, Protecting, and Providing Habitat for Native Pollinator Insects (Book)


Ecosystem Gardening Blog

Beautiful Wildlife Garden Blog

Backyard Habitat Blog:: Woodland Park Zoo

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