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NATURE OBSCURA: A City’s Hidden Natural World will be published April 1, 2020 from Mountaineers Books. Pre-order now on IndieBound, Powells, Third Place Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Book Depository in Europe.

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My freelance writing on natural history has appeared in National Wildlife Magazine, Crosscut, Popular Science and others. You can find them on the Freelance page.

I have also written about natural history on this website for a decade. Click on ‘Features’ or go to Articles.


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I have spent years photographing nature, from trees to chickadees. Although I focus my lens on everything,
I have a particular interest in macro photography looking at invertebrates. 


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Read my latest article Government workers with autism may go unpaid, despite their valuable contributions to science on Popular Science
You can now buy prints of some of my photos in my Etsy Shop
I was on KUOW talking crows vs eagles and other urban animals. In a wildlife fight, who wins against a crow? 
You can now play every past #StreetCreatures quiz here, just go to ‘Street Creatures‘ on the menu
My Twitter game #StreetCreatures was featured on The Verge: Test your animal knowledge with these challenges on Twitter


Poem of the Week: A Bird Song

| Poem of the Week | No Comments
By Christina Rossetti It's a year almost that I have not seen her: Oh, last summer green things were greener, Brambles fewer, the blue sky bluer. It's surely summer, for…

Poem of the Week: Winter Rain

| Poem of the Week | No Comments
By Christina Rossetti Every valley drinks,Every dell and hollow:Where the kind rain sinks and sinks,Green of Spring will follow. Yet a lapse of weeksBuds will burst their edges,Strip their wool-coats,…

Field Journal: Ferry Dock Nudibranchs

| Field Journal | No Comments
Under a ferry dock might not seem like the first choice when it comes to searching for nudibranchs, but urban habitats can be surprising. To be fair, it's not the…

Poem of the Week: The Wheel

| Poem of the Week | No Comments
By William Butler Yeats Through winter-time we call on spring,And through the spring on summer call,And when abounding hedges ringDeclare that winter's best of all;And after that there's nothing goodBecause…
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