Celebrate Urban Birds:: We’re a web site full of new ideas to help you Celebrate Urban Birds, with fresh pages, programs, and challenges added to the web site all the time.

Urban Wildlife Network:: The Urban Wildlife Network exists to promote and defend nature in cities.

Urban Bird Sounds Project:: An Audio Guide to Urban Birds.


Urban Wildlife Guide::  I get off the train at 59th street in Manhattan and walk a mile along Central Park West through one of the most urban settings in the world. I see a nonhuman mammal or two, a few dozen birds, and a variety of intriguing insects every day; this blog is a collection of stories about them.

Out Walking the Dog:: Every day, sometimes twice a day, I walk the dog in the neighborhood parks. Sometimes we walk along the river. Most of the time we walk on Riverside Park’s lower promenade and the upper woodsy paths, including the Forever Wild bird sanctuary. We visit Morningside’s tiny pond, teeming with bullfrogs, turtles and birds, and the gardens at Saint John the Divine.

Next-Door Nature:: Your guide to wildlife-watching where the sidewalk begins.

DFW Urban Wildlife:: Documenting the diversity of Dallas/Fort Worth urban wildlife.

The Urban Birder:: I am David Lindo and I am The Urban Birder — writer, broadcaster, speaker and bird guider. Welcome to my site, dedicated to the observation and study of birds in the world’s cities.

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