Another year of Funky Nests from Celebrate Urban Birds provides a whole new range of places that birds will nest. As I talked about in the Funky Nests in Funky Places post from the contest of the previous year, it is always amazing how resilient some species can be. Some of the prizewinning entries from this year include nests on top of tires, scaffolding, a sailboat, a mop and various statues, signs and window ledges.

This competition is one of my favorites from Celebrate Urban Birds because it shows that despite our best efforts to create the ideal habitat birds will nest in the most funky places like shoes, stairs, plant containers, gutters, and even on a roll of duct tape. It also shows that there are so many people paying attention to birds and their nests and taking care to not disturb them and even help them when they can.

Here are a few highlights of the entries, but make sure you visit the Funky Nests page from Celebrate Urban Birds to look through all of the entries.

Funky Nests

Entry #6 Rachel Graham, La Mesa, California

I like this one, which is from the Geisel Library (Doctor Seuss) at the University of California San Diego, because I’ve been there and also seen many swallow nests attached all over the building as well. Although it wasn’t meant as habitat for nesting birds it sure has been successful. Plus, the building is amazing architecturally.

Funky Nests

Entry #56 David Lintereur, Lake Tomahawk, WI

This winning entry is built on scaffolding and the employees who work there put some scrap iron over the nest to give the birds shade. These types of entries really demonstrate the impact of birds on people in every day settings.

Funky  Nests

Entry #134 Gene Harriman, Plymouth, MA

These Osprey apparently have some appreciation of history because they built their nest on top of The National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Entry #143 Virginia Brady, Cambridge, MA

There is something simple and beautiful about this nest.

Funky Nests

Entry #70 Lisa Bond, NY, NY

I’m always partial to nests on balconies or fire escapes because the birds who nest there seem so fearless. I hope I’m lucky enough one day to have birds nesting on my city balcony.

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