Friday Film:: A Murder of Crows

This Friday Film is a fascinating episode of Nature from PBS titled, A Murder of Crows. The episode explores the intelligence of crows around the world and focuses on a new study by John Marzluff, author of In the Company of Crows and Ravens, which shows that crows can even recognize human faces. This urban bird continues to amaze us and these studies show just how little we actually know about them. For more about crows, read the recent post Emerald City Crows.

From the PBS website::

New research has shown that they are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. They use tools as only elephants and chimpanzees do, and recognize 250 distinct calls. One particular talent they have been discovered to possess is the ability to recognize individual human faces and pick them out of a crowd up to two years later – a trick that might make even Hitchcock shiver with fright.

Watch A Murder of Crows on PBS. See more from Nature.

Thank you to Dave from Wild Fidalgo for the film suggestion. Do you have a suggestion for a Friday Film? Send it to me.

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