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News Articles

  • New York’s Urban Jungle Grows Wild as It Greens:: from the NY Times is a great article that highlights how many wildlife species are starting to reappear in the city as urban green space grows in area. They also discuss the problem of human-wildlife interactions and how we may overcome that. It’s a really excellent article that everyone should read.
  • Seabird safety nixes Hawaii Friday night football:: Related to the recent post City Lights and Urban Wildlife comes this story from Hawaii about moving high school football games to Saturdays during the time Newell’s Shearwater chicks fledge because they were getting confused by the lights and falling.
  • Scientists Stalk Cemeteries for Signs of Wildlife:: is a fascinating article and audio story from NPR which discusses the idea of some cemeteries being possible refuges for wildlife due to their being some of the least disturbed pockets amid development and agriculture.
  • Birding in the Big City:: Did you know Craig Newmark of Craigslist is a city birder? Here’s an article about how he watches birds in San Francisco.


  • Pollinators:: from the USDA is a website full of information about pollination, specific pollinators, and cultural importance and even gardening. Did you know that beetles comprise the largest group of pollinating animals and they’re particularly important for ancient species such as magnolias?
  • Nectar plants for honey bees:: is a resource from Sunset which highlights a few plants that can be useful for people and bees such as basil, rosemary, squash and beans.
  • Build a Nesting Block:: is a great resource from the USDA which gives detailed directions for building three different types of Solitary bee nests.



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