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  • Urban Development:: Another fascinating post from the Next-door Nature blog, this time about raccoons and how they’ve adapted so well to the built environment.
  • Seeing Red: Cardinal Meadowhawk:: An interesting species profile from the Northwest Dragonflier about a common urban dragonfly.
  • The Story of the Most Common Bird in the World:: This Smithsonian article about the humble House Sparrow may just change your view of them.
  • City Bee Habitat:: An interesting post about creating nesting habitat for solitary urban bees.
  • The Fifth Dimension:: The Finnish Museum of Natural History has an interesting page dedicated to green roofs in urban areas.
  • Facade Greening:: A fascinating look at the history of facade greening
  • Spiders do not bite.:: A must read article that would fit nicely in with the On Being Misunderstood feature which discusses this all too common misconception.
  • Butterfly and Moth Plants:: If you’re in the UK, this is an excellent resource for matching plants to the moths and butterflies they attract.
  • Urban Development:: A fascinating look at raccoons from the Next-Door Nature blog.
  • The Naturescaping Workbook Review:: The Ecologist gives this new book about landscaping for nature a good review.
  • Mental Health and Function:: This excellent page from the University of Washington highlights the ways urban nature can help our mental health.


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