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  • An ecology of gardens and yards:: This informative article from Per Square Mile discusses the vast potential of existing network of yards and gardens and they role they could play in improving urban ecology and habitat.
  • Can We Make Nature Better? Inside the ‘Rambunctious Garden’:: This interview with author Emma Marris, author of the new book Rambunctious Garden discusses a variety of topics challenging the traditional view of nature and recognizes the potential for all of the ‘little spaces’ in the city to provide something much larger.
  • Shell game:: This very interesting post from the Next-Door-Nature blog features a profile on the Eastern box turtle and how they use their shells.
  • Hanging by a Thread:: A fascinating post by the Wild Pacific Northwest blog featuring the behavior of inchworms, which are actually caterpillars, of hanging off branches by a silk thread.


  • “inmidtown Habitats” New Design Competition Launched:: This is an interesting competition being organized in a business improvement district in central London which challenged designers to create “urban beehives, bird/bat-boxes and planters.”
  • Bird conservation project for Piccadilly hotel:: A new hotel in Manchester, England will also have Black Restart habitat as part of the landscaping by including “crushed brick, rubble and stone in varying heights, a sedum turfed area, with planting including herbaceous perennials and wetland planting at the edge of the canal.”
  • Milan’s Vertical Forest:: A new building design in Milan has a fantastical vision for a new high-rise creating a forest by planting trees on balconies.
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