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  • Mobile Garden:: is a fascinating project in Chicago which is a flatcar train filled with native plants that will travel on the back of regular service trains.
  • Rain Gutter Gardens was featured by two blogs, the first Life on the Balcony includes directions on how to create them and the second, digginfood features several examples. These are an interesting idea for apartment and condo dwellers which would be great hung along railings or walls and when painted could look quite nice and offer some valuable space for wildlife plants.
  • Warning to All Birds: All-Glass Buildings Ahead:: is another article, this time from the NY Times, about the new crash resistant glass that was inspired by spider webs.



  • It’s the Bee’s Knees! (No, Really):: from NPR this article has some fascinating microscopic images with incredible detail of bees.
  • Here’s an interesting video of Chimney Swifts roosting in a chimney in Washington D.C.

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