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  • A Green Roof in the Shadow of St. Paul’s:: This case study from is an interesting example of a sedum mat upgraded to improve biodiversity. The retrofit included the addition of mounds, wood elements, wildflower/hay bundles and new substrates with a native seed mix. The roof also includes boxes for a variety of birds including Swifts, Peregrines, House Martins and Black Redstarts.


  • Snags – The Wildlife Tree:: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a new page for snags with a great amount of information including wildlife that uses snags, the dead tree condo, trees that make the best snags, creating snags and much more.
  • Field Guide to Urban Wildlife:: Here is a new book about urban wildlife by author Julie Feinstein.
  • Urban Wildlife Guide:: This is a really interesting blog written by the author of the book listed above.
  • Chicago Wilderness Habitat Project:: This is a great project in Chicago that hosted the Wild Things Conference, monitors wildlife, restores habitat and does a great many other projects.
  • Rain gardening – A guide to green roofs:: This is a video about green roofs from the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.

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