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  • Great Lakes Urban Habitat Restoration Symposium:: Although this conference was in 2009, there are links to many interesting presentations.
  • Join in our bee hotel project:: From the Natural History Museum is a new project encouraging people to create bee hotels
  • Information Sheet: Bee Hotels (PDF):: This resource is from Hymettus Ltd and BWARS which describes how to create a bee hotel and maintain it.
  • Urban Coyotes:: Want to learn more about urban coyotes? The Audubon Society of Portland has a website with information about them.
  • Seeds for Green Roofs:: This new blog hopes “…to learn and share the worldwide beauty, form and function of plants found growing naturally across rooftops, structures old and new, from church steeples, mountain cliffs, bridges and stone outcroppings.”


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  1. I love your Foragings posts, Kelly. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the link to the article about the SF garden controversy. The article only mentioned one disgruntled resident so the title seems a bit misleading.

    I interviewed Jane as part of my nature making project and I studied the city’s permeability efforts — both municipal and nonprofit — in the course of writing my dissertation.

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