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  • How to make a solitary bee hotel:: “But you can use any container and any combination of these materials, as long as it protects the bees from rain, the wood is untreated and the holes are no bigger than 10mm in diameter.”
  • Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional Network:: “National Wildlife Federation is piloting an initiative to certify professional landscapers to assist their clients with creating wildlife-friendly gardens.”
  • Studying the preoccupations that prevent people from going into green space:: “That urban green space can provide opportunities for psychological restoration which could prove valuable in promoting public health now seems relatively well established. What is less clear is whether many of us will continue to avail ourselves of these opportunities.”
  • Wildflowering L.A.:: Wildflowering L.A. is a native wildflower seed sowing initiative throughout Los Angeles County by artist Fritz Haeg.


  • Garden Building for Humans and Butterflies:: “The GBHNPCB is a house for butterflies and other insects, birds and people. It also houses working spaces for a woman-run design-atelier located in a central area of Cali.”
  • Urban Hedgerow:: “Urban hedgerow suggests that we, Humans are also “nature” and the project inspires all of us to be a little more tolerant and a little more natural.”
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